neck and cleavage treatments

Popular neck and cleavage exercise that will restore their healthy look

The neck and cleavage define each of us. All it takes is one look at them to see if a particular individual is young or slightly older. For that reason, it is very important to take care of the neck and cleavage as seriously as of the face skin. What are the most popular neck and cleavage treatments that will restore their healthy look and great condition?

Which treatment will be the best?

The symptoms of Aging processes occurring in the neck skin are visible quicker than on the face skin for example. The neck skin is thinner, has less adipose padding and there are less sebaceus glands on it. It also contains less collagen and elastin.

Sadly, for that reason aesthetic neck and cleavage treatments are more difficult here than in case of face – usually a bigger number of repetitions is needed and Visible effects take more time to appear. For people below the age of 25, the preventive care is important. In order to slow down the Aging processes in the skin, we use sun blocks, retinoids, preventive treatments such as mesotherapy, acid exfoliation.

Above the age of 35 or 40, when the skin starts sagging and horizontal neck wrinkles appear (the so-called Venus rings) the treatments also include laser therapy, botulinum toxin and biostimulating preparations.

How to remove grooves on the neck?

These days such neck is called a “technological neck”. We are the “look down generation” – because we look down. It is related to turning the head and neck down when looking at multimedia mobile devices.

Other factors are excessive Exposure to sun rays, going to tanning salons, smoking and lack of physical exercises to correct the proper body posture. These horizontal wrinkles can be reduced with laser therapy. In our work, we mostly use a Fotona laser that is intended for fractioning the skin to make collagen fibers recover faster, lighten, Reduce wrinkles.

The Fotona treatment is a fractional non-ablative treatment. The laser light stimulates the tissue to recover, slightly evaporating the epidermis and gently warming up the skin. After a treatment, the skin is tight, lifted, firmer and its condition is much better.

Right after the treatment it is slightly redder, which remains for about 2-3 hours.

neck and cleavage treatments

Can botox and vampire Lifting help make the neck skin younger?

Applying both botulinum toxins and platelet rich plasma are good rejuvenating treatments for neck skin, but in order to achieve the best possible results, it’s a good idea to combine it with peeling, micro-puncturing or the above mentioned laser therapy and utilize the own natural regenerative potential of the skin to the max.

At the same time it’s important to remember that surgical skin Lifting comes with the risk of many complications and for that reason is rarely used. That’s why skin aging Prevention should not be put away for later, but instead it should start today, before the sun comes out again and we’ll have to take off scarfs and neck warmers.

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