Take care of a healthy and strong back

Take care of a healthy and strong back!

Back muscles are one of the most important postural muscles. The lower back is a necessary solid foundation of our body. Many people struggle with lumbar pain caused by poor sitting position or not always a healthy way of lifting weight from the ground.

How to prevent this? Let’s get acquainted with key information on building strong back and taking care of its health, as well as effective strengthening exercises.

1. A healthy and strong back – where to start?

First of all, from not skipping any part in your trainings. It’s important to focus on all of them. Not only on the muscles of the widest back and its upper parts, e.g. hoods. The lower back helps in maintaining proper body posture. It supports the spine in the lumbar region, stabilizing it, which is extremely important for a number of other strength exercises.

The implementation of several fundamental strengthening exercises to warm up before training is a great idea. Thanks to this, we will learn to stabilize deep muscles and we will consciously take the right, healthy posture.

2. Strong back – rules of exercises

The basic rule is gradation of intensity in exercises. It’s good to forget about heavy weights at the beginning and focus on the right technique. When building stability in this type of exercise, we should make sure that our backs are straight at all times.

It’s also worth taking care of activating the abdominal muscles, which help to maintain the correct position. Slowly doing this type of exercises is the key to success. We do not jerk, we do not perform dynamic stretches.

Strong back - rules of exercises

3. Back exercises

Below we are showing strengthening exercises – they help to avoid injuries, ensure correct body posture and core stability, strengthen the lower back.

  • Raising the chest in a lying position

One of the most classic exercises for the lower back. The basis is to keep your feet on the floor while raising your chest off the floor with your arms above your head or in front of you. The important thing is to involve your abdominal muscles before lifting your chest from the floor. This will allow you to focus on your lower back muscles.

  • Good morning (obeisances)

It is very important to prepare – pre-stretching the abdomen, which helps protect the lumbar region by maintaining the correct positioning of the spine. It’s important to keep the back in a straight line, knees slightly bent until the torso is parallel to the floor. Exercise can be performed with a light barbell on the shoulders, with a dumbbell held in front of you or on a Roman bench.

  • Bridge

Another great exercise, perfect for strengthening the lower back, buttocks and double-headed thighs. If you have back problems, we recommend using this exercise. You should lie on your back, put your feet under bent knees. Keep your arms gently away from your torso. Raise your hips until the body is in a straight line. Tighten the gluteus muscles and stop the movement for 1 second, then return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise from 15 to 20 times.

4. Summary

Strong back extensors are a solid foundation of our figure. Appropriate exercises involving this part of a body should be included in the training of every active person. By maintaining proper focus towards healthy back, we gain a lot of health and proper development of our figure.

Let’s take care of them specially so that we can still enjoy the form and constantly develop it!

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