Building muscle mass – the most important dietary rules!

Building muscle mass – the most important dietary rules!

Do you want to know how to gain? The secret is, that there is no secret, not even any magical artefacts building muscle mass for you.

If you want to gain, you just need to stick to the rules, which will allow you to progress. The more you care – the better results you achieve.

Building muscle mass – basic rules

  • There are 10 most important rules, which, when regarded, give 99% of accuracy in muscle mass building.
  • They are piece-of-cake simple, however, not everyone understands that this is the only way to gain consistently.

When you say that you don’t have much time for a diet, you have to know that dream body shape is far away from you. Bodybuilding is a life style, not a hobby, which can be a small part of your day. If you want to look like a person from a cover, you have to commit yourself to a training, a diet, regeneration and supplementing –all this on the highest possible standards.

How much you can gain regarding all these dietary rules?

Of course other requirements like training and regeneration must be fulfilled too. Effects will be more and more visible, week after week. Well-arranged dietary plan is a key to be successful. There is no universal number, which would apply to every single body. A moderate, reasonable gain should be 1 up to 3 kilograms per month (it is conditioned individually – due to many variables). Rule is simple – the slower you gain – the less fat you absorb.

Proteins – muscle builders

Do you know why proteins, despite being the only muscle mass building macrocomponent, belong to fourth place?

It is time to underline how important in bodybuilder’s diet are carbs and fats. Young fanatics look up to big proteins consumption (very often far too big), while disregarding other macrocomponents. Optimal is to consume 1,8 up to 2 grams of proteins per each body kilogram.

  1. The best sources of whole proteins are eggs, meat, fish, whey products and milk products (less important).
  2. When there is no possibility to support proteins the natural way, we can always try functional food with proteins.

Proteins – muscle mass builders

Consume proteins before and right after a training

Consuming quickly digested proteins (whey proteins) 30 minutes before a training would maximise muscle proteins synthesis. What is more, whey proteins contain peptides(small proteins fragments), which stimulate blood flow to muscles. Thank to this process, your muscles will be supported with hormones and microelements. The better blood circulates – the better muscle pump will be.

Carbs and fats manipulation

This rule applies to people who may struggle with increased fat absorption. On training days, your body needs more of carbs so as to use them as fuel for a training. On days without training, bigger amount of carbs may mismatch with lower energy consumption. In effect, body fat may slowly increase due to carbs over supply.

The best way to counteract is to manipulate with carbs and fats. On your non-training days decrease the amount of consumed carbs by 10% and exchange it with fats. This way, your calories pool will remain balanced and additionally, due to increased fat implementation your body will regenerate faster.

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