How does sugar impact your skin?

It’s always been known that consumption of sugar, especially the refined kind, which is plentiful in candy or in highly processed products, is not only not good for health but also for appearance.

But does consumption of this type of ingredient have a direct Impact on our skin? As it turns out, it does, and not just on the skin but also Hair. What kind of products should we avoid? What to substitute sugar with?

Negative Impact of sugar on complexion

The slogans saying that you are what you eat are fully justified and they require us to consider the issue of selecting the nutrients for our diet. Of course, having a single candy bar once in a while is not going to cause your complexion to get covered with acne, but extreme cases require eliminating sugar pretty much for extended periods of time, and even as much as a candy bar might be out of question here.

As was already mentioned before, a diet deficient in nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, minerals or specific amino acids is going to cause health and beauty to get worse. But it’s not just deficiencies that Impact how the skin looks.

As it turns out, excess of such nutrients as refined sugars will have a negative Impact on how complexion looks, making it possible for it to develop different types of discolorations, Blemishes or acne.

The mode of action related to consumption of sugar and skin eczema is based on, among other things, stimulation of insulin spikes. This type of action is mostly present in products characterized by high glycemic index as well as glycemic load. As it turns out, these are the kind of products that contribute to development of acne or blackheads. And in case of problems with complexion, these lesions can be more severe.

Because things just can’t be too “sweet”, consumption of sugars also leads to a process that causes glycation of proteins. It means that collagen proteins lose their elastic properties whereas skin ages faster and becomes vulnerable to things like the Impact of environmental factors.


How does sugar Impact Hair?

What is more, sugars may have an Impact on the level of specific hormones and enzymes, which results in increased secretion of sebum and changes to its composition. They also cause changes to Hair follicles. It means that the concentration of sugars in our body will effectively contribute to greasy Hair and skin.

What to avoid in the diet and what to substitute sugar with?

If your complexion is sensitive and reactive or you’re struggling with excessively falling Hair then you shouldn’t consume:

  • wheat,
  • candy,
  • sweetened corn flakes,
  • sweetened drinks,
  • fruits (but not all of them),
  • alcohol.

If you can’t imagine life without the sweet taste, perfect substitutes are:

  • xylitol,
  • erythritol,
  • stevia,
  • synthetic sweeteners (as a last resort).


If you observe skin problems, degrading complexion or development of pimples in yourself, the first reasonable thing to do is take a closer look on your diet, and see if it’s sufficient in minerals, vitamins or health-promoting substances, such as fatty acids. It’s also a good idea to verify the amount of sugar consumed, if it’s not too high, high enough to cause skin problems.

Sometimes there’s more to that than sugars, though, and food intolerances manifesting themselves in form of skin lesions might be related to dairy for example. It is necessary to take a holistic look on the issue of nutrition, as it allows to eliminate products that aren’t good for skin condition.

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