silicone-free cosmetics

Is it a good idea to use silicone-free cosmetics?

Caring about the quality of one’s complexion or hair is something present in absolutely everyone these days, and thanks to commonly available cheap cosmetics and hygienic products it is now possible to match a perfect product to our hair or complexion and at a low price, too.

Sadly, most products on store shelves are preparations rich in silicones or Parabens and other harmful substances that, when used in everyday body care, may cause more negative changes than positive ones.

The key to satisfaction with the shampoo or cosmetic used is therefore, as usual – careful analysis of its composition and avoiding products too synthetic and complicated in their structure.

Prices of Natural cosmetics

Up until recently, there was a common belief among potential buyers that natural Silicone-free cosmetics have to be much more expensive, as there were very few all-natural preparations on store shelves, and their prices were indeed high.

These days, Silicone-free cosmetics have become commonplace. Manufacturers are aware of their competitors, which allows customers to buy cosmetics cheaper and cheaper.

Why is it a good idea to actually choose Silicone-free cosmetics?

The easiest way to answer that question is to list all the negative effects of overuse of silicones in conditioners and cosmetics:

  • they weight down on hair, making them less puffy,
  • they make it harder to model and arrange hair,
  • they destroy the protective lipid barrier of hair,
  • they reduce secretion of natural sebum,
  • they may make the scalp dry,
  • they cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive scalps,
  • they block the pores in hair and skin, rendering them unable to absorb nutrients provided in form of masks and creams, among others.
silicone-free cosmetics

Choosing the right cosmetics

Eliminating silicones from everyday cosmetics should, first and foremost, restore the hair’s natural shine and healthy look, which silicone-rich cosmetics can only imitate. The shine or elasticity of hair coated with a thick silicone film is not a proof of its vitality or regeneration, although at first glance such hair may look impeccable.

Silicone-free cosmetics are often also free from other substances with negative impact on human health, such as Parabens, which entirely takes the load out of human body and eliminates factors from its surroundings that are completely not needed by it. Especially that Silicone-free cosmetics and preparations aren’t actually less effective nor less efficient compared to their synthetic and chemical-laden counterparts.

Using Natural cosmetics

Applying conditioners and masks on hair is just as important in taking care of scalp and hair itself as choosing the right shampoo. Which means it’s not enough to pick an expensive shampoo at the drugstore or pharmacy if other cosmetics used for scalp and hair care are of inferior quality. Washing hair with silicone-free shampoo, then applying a mask on hair that contains silicones definitely won’t yield the expected results.

It is also better to remember here that washing hair is itself easier for someone who uses Silicone-free cosmetics than for those choosing silicone products, as a large amount of silicones doesn’t dissolve completely and doesn’t get rinsed with water alone. For that reason, plenty of silicones contained in the cosmetics available on the market won’t be washed down with running water and will remain in hair until using a special shampoo or detergent containing SLS.

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