Regeneration of the skin after sunbathing with emollients

Regeneration of the skin after sunbathing with emollients and more!

Regeneration of the skin after sunbathing is not only good skin moisturizing, but also rebuilding hydro-lipid coat damaged by the sun. Cosmetics supplementing skin lipid deficiencies, especially emollients, will help you with this. Vitamin E is also important for the skin after tanning. See how to regenerate your skin after tanning!

Skin care after tanning – where to start?

It all depends on whether you scalded the skin during tanning or just blushed it. Don’t let appearances fool you! Even if your skin is not burned, the epidermis doesn’t peel off and you don’t feel a terrible burning sensation, it doesn’t mean that the sun hasn’t done any damage to your skin. But in a moment you will get to know what the sun does with the skin.

Immediately after sunbathing, if the skin isn’t burned, it’s best to take a bath and apply a gentle exfoliating peeling. The skin may be irritated, so it’s better to choose fine-grained or enzymatic peels. Why is it worth to exfoliate tanned skin? When you get rid of the layer of dead skin, the cells will regenerate faster.

Skin care after tanning

Next step – still in the shower!

The next step, while still in the shower, is to wash your body with a delicate shower gel that will cool your skin and moisturize it well. We are talking about a shower preparation that is suitable for both hair and body. It has vitamin E (regenerates the skin) and thick-tailed eichoria extract (moisturizes the skin).

After bathing, dry, but do not rub the skin with a towel. Then apply a moisturizing tanning lotion, usual lotion, cream or oil to your skin. Repeat application several times a day. It all depends on the condition of your skin after sunbathing.

If you are dealing with sunburn, it’s also very important to use cosmetics that will bring you relief and coolness. These may contain menthol, aloe, allantoin or panthenol.

You can also use stronger body masks to regenerate your skin after sunbathing. Such cosmetics work much stronger, moisturize deeply and, above all, apply them on irritated skin for longer.

What should a good tan cream or lotion contain?

  • First of all – ingredients that will help you regenerate the epidermis faster, i.e. vitamin E, vitamin A, folic acid or urea. Such action shows, among others skin lotion for dry skin, which contains vitamin D3, which is also helpful for sun discoloration. This lotion gives an immediate feeling of relief, especially for very irritated and itchy skin. The emollient base in the cosmetic is shea butter, which supplements lipids in the skin.
  • Secondly, the cosmetic after tanning should moisturize the skin well. Urea, panthenol, aloe or hyaluronic acid will help you with this (the latter will also have a good effect on collagen synthesis).
  • Finally, third and most important for damaged skin – emollients! These include argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. The latter will also help you maintain a beautiful tan color for longer.
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