Professor Hemmo Drexhage

Prof. Hemmo Drexhage

Scientific coordinator of Moodinflame, based at Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Research field

Immunology, Psychiatry

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“A passion for medicine runs in my family: my three grown-up children all work in healthcare”, says Hemmo Drexhage, Professor of Medical Immunology at Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. Drexhage published about 300 scientific articles and supervised more than 30 PhD students.


More than 33 million European citizens suffer from a mood disorder. Mood disorders have a devastating impact on the patient’s personal life. They also account for a high percentage of European healthcare costs. Developing tests and drugs will greatly improve our ability to diagnose and treat these serious disorders.


Mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder may result from inflammation of the brain. The aim of Moodinflame is to develop blood tests and brain scans to identify this inflammation in psychiatric patients. The scientists also want to develop therapies for mood disorders using anti-inflammatory medications.


The Moodinflame consortium consists of 18 scientific groups from 10 European countries. The EU grant enables the 18 laboratories to battle this major health problem facing the European population by sharing their expertise, knowledge and technological skills.

Exploring the biological basis of psychiatric disease

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