portrait of Dr. Joyce Lebbink

Dr Joyce Lebbink

Scientific Coordinator of Mismatch2model, based at Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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“My work feels like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each research result is a small piece of the puzzle. It is fascinating to see that the pieces together produce a complete picture of a biological process”, says Dr Joyce Lebbink, Assistant Professor of Genetics at Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.


Unrepaired DNA mismatches become mutations. Defects in DNA mismatch repair therefore increase a person’s risk of cancer. Mismatch2model scientists want to understand the details of this DNA repair system. They will use this information to create computer models that will improve our understanding of cancer development.


Our body cells divide continuously. DNA is copied when cells divide and mistakes can be made in this process. A DNA mismatch is a specific type of mistake. DNA mismatch repair proteins can recognise and repair these mistakes. The principal aim of Mismatch2model is to reveal how, where and when these proteins perform their job.


The Mismatch2model consortium is formed by protein scientists, DNA repair experts, and mathematical modellers from several European countries. The EU grant will enable these dedicated professionals to unravel the DNA repair machinery by sharing their expertise and sophisticated technology.

Exploring the world of DNA mismatch repair

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In the Picture
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